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Journal Development Communication

April 6, 2015



For this issue of the Journal Development Communication, we decided to combine articles we received as well as the proceeding from a conference Aidcom held in June this year called Engaged Learning and ICT for Development in the University Curriculum. The conference was jointly organised with Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) in association with Cornell University of the USA, and the United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Center for ICT for Development (UN-APCICT).

The first part of this journal starts with an article written by Eric Freedman and Richard Shafer on the development of press systems in former Soviet Republics of the Baltics, Caucasus and Central Asia. The article provides a comprehensive comparative study on the development of press systems in countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, particularly towards press freedom and freedom of expression.

Another article is by Farish Ullah Yousafzai and Kasim Sharif who conducted a study on how the Pakistani Urdu press frame India in their reports, especially on the peace process between the two countries. They analysed articles in two Urdu dailies for a period of one year and their study confirmed their hypotheses that India is often portrayed as foe rather than friend in Pakistani press. They concluded that the media of the two countries can play their role in resolving the conflict between the two countries via media diplomacy.

The third article was submitted by Eko Harry Susanto on communication patterns, and its role towards development and to achieve a country’s vision. It is based on the perspective of the Riau Province in Indonesia and contains the challenges, especially communication barriers that hamper the efforts of reaching Vision 2020 Riau.

The second part of this journal contains the papers presented by speakers at the conference mentioned above. In total, there are 10 papers in this section, including one by Prof Emeritus Royal Colle of Cornell University who described the steps on how to develop a student guidebook for university ICTD learning. The section also includes a paper by Stephen Chen of Hong Kong Polytechnic University on how the university developed its service learning curriculum across multiple disciplines, as well as on how the students of the university are pursuing their service learning projects. Service learning is also known as engaged learning.

This part also contains a paper presented by Ma. Theresa H. Velasco from University of the Philippines Los Baños, who described how her university established development communication curriculum from undergraduate to graduate level. The section also contains several case studies on engaged learning, such as the two projects done by students of the Mahasarakham University in Thailand as well as the e-Bario project in Sarawak by students of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).

We at the editorial board of the JDC wish our readers, contributors and subscribers a very Happy New Year